A New Website

Ethan Glover
Published: Aug 29, 2019 20:58

I'm building a brand new version for Cognitame. ...Again. If you're looking for old content, I don't have it anymore. If you'e looking for the profile on Chris Cantwell, the Southern Poverty Law Center created their own profile on him after a phone discussion with me. I'm not interested in keeping up to date with him anyway.

This site will be about itself mostly. The process of creating and keeping it up to date. Cognitame has always been a coding playground for me first. The content comes second. That's why it breaks a lot. So don't be surprised if when visiting you get 500 Errors. I get those often. Especially now that I'm recreating every file from scratch.

My current plans for the site will be getting the CSS sorted out and eventually implementing a user registration/comment system. I can't say where I'll go from there.

Things I WON'T be adding to this site:

And that's all my plans for now. I'll post regular updates, but for now I just need  one post to help me with the CSS. ;)